If you are like most managers of small- to medium-sized business in the Dallas–Ft. Worth area, you probably don't have much money to spend on inessentials. After all, profit margins are tight, and how can you justify investing your resources in a new project when you've already had to lay off employees and defer paying your gas and electric bill?

This type of reasoning may be sound in most cases, but certainly not when you're involved in commercial litigation and need to hire a lawyer.

Let's say you know that a direct competitor is conducting a “whispering campaign” against you, telling your clients that your product has a dangerous defect. What's more, this same competitor is illegally undercutting you by “dumping” its goods at below-market prices. There is simply no way you can get this company to stop unless you hire an attorney to file a lawsuit—and if you choose not to invest in an experienced lawyer, you might as well sit back in your office chair, fold your hands, and wait for the “For Rent” sign to be slapped on your front door.

Simply put, if you have no choice but to sue a competitor, a contractor, or a customer—or, in turn, if you are being sued by one of those parties, alleging unfair or illegal business practices on your part—an experienced Texas commercial litigation attorney is the wisest investment you may ever make.

Jim Zadeh has nearly three decades of experience representing clients in the Dallas–Ft. Worth area, and has a proven track record of obtaining advantageous results in commercial litigation actions. Questions? Call Jim today at 888-713-5418 to learn what he can do for you!

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