Every day, Texas residents are seriously injured in car accidents in which they were expressly not at fault. Cars strike pedestrians who are crossing the street; drivers who stop at red lights are rear-ended by vehicles tailgating behind them; passengers riding in the back seat are critically injured in high-speed T-bone collisions. Dallas–Ft. Worth attorney Jim Zadeh has years of experience representing the victims of car accidents, and has a solid track record of winning substantial damages in court.

Car Accidents: We Are All at Risk for Serious Injury

There are almost as many ways to be injured in car accidents as there are makes and models of vehicles on the road. These include:

  • Rear-end collisions, in which you have stopped (with ample warning) at a red light, or slowed down in heavy traffic, and have been struck by the vehicle directly behind you.
  • Front-end collisions, in which a car approaching from the other direction veers into your lane and hits you head-on. At high speeds, these kinds of accidents result in especially serious injuries.
  • T-bone collisions, in which you are crossing an intersection and a vehicle slams into the side of your car. These types of accidents are especially dangerous for passengers on the exposed side of the car.
  • “Fender benders,” accidents at relatively low speed that can still result in serious injury—usually whiplash or contusions—to the driver or her passengers.
  • Pedestrian accidents, in which you are crossing the street (with due caution and obeying all traffic signals) and you are struck by a driver who speeds through an amber or red light or a stop sign.

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If you are a Dallas/Ft. Worth resident who has been injured in a Texas car accident that was not your fault—either as a driver, passenger or pedestrian—Jim Zadeh can help you collect the damages you deserve. Jim's staff are fluent in Spanish, and welcome inquiries from non-English-speaking Texas residents. Call Jim today at 817-335-5100 to find out what he can do for you!

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