The Dallas–Fort Worth area is prone to some of the most severe weather in the nation, including hurricanes, hailstorms, and extreme wind gusts that topple trees on a regular basis. Unfortunately, the first instinct of many insurance adjusters after a storm is to dispute damage claims or lowball their payments to the extent that the customer is liable for thousands of dollars' worth of repairs. That's why you need an experienced Texas denial-of-insurance attorney who can go toe to toe with your insurer and get the settlement you paid for!

Why Would an Insurance Company Deny a Claim?

Insurance companies are businesses, meaning that they have to turn a profit just like everyone else. Every time a company pays out a weather-related settlement, that impacts its bottom line—which puts the onus on its adjusters to reflexively deny or minimize, rather than grant, claims filed by homeowners and business owners. The insurance company may:

  • Seize on a technical error in your insurance application to deny your claim (say, you accidentally transposed two numbers in your street address on one part of the document).
  • Insist that the damage you reported was not caused by a weather event, but by your own faulty maintenance or upkeep, or by an accident not covered under your policy.
  • Accept that some, but not all, of the damage was caused by the weather event, allowing the company to cut its payout in half while leaving you holding the bag for the rest of the repairs.
  • Run you through so much red tape (repeated site visits, requests for documentation, etc.) that you simply give up and pay out of your own pocket.
  • Simply refuse to pay your claim, “just because,” usually because there is some kind of financial malfeasance occurring at the company and it simply doesn't have the available funds.

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Dallas–Fort Worth attorney Jim Zadeh has almost three decades of experience litigating denial-of-insurance claims. If your home or business has been damaged by a severe weather event, and your insurance company refuses to pay in full, call Jim today at 817-335-5100 to find out what he can do for you!

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