Do you want to know more about the laws and policies of the state of Texas, and the U.S., pertaining to tort law? Consult this list of resources compiled by Dallas/Fort Worth attorney Jim Zadeh.

Injured on the Job

  • Texas Department of Insurance: Workers' Compensation

    The TDI also has a page that goes into great depth about Texas worker compensation law, including information for employers about shopping for policies and ongoing efforts at reform, and information for injured employees about how to pursue a claim.

Auto and Truck Accidents

  • National Highway Traffic Safety Administration : Vehicle Recall Verification

    One of the unique issues in the state of Texas for personal injury litigation is the recalls on vehicles.  The most recent issue is the airbag recalls, but more specifically the Takata airbags.  The Takata company is recalling many of their airbags because they may release metal when they are deployed. This metal may cause serious injuries, and may even cause death.  You may use the link provided to check if you have any recalls for your vehicle including the Takata airbags.

  • Texas Department of Transportation: Motor Vehicle Crash Statistics

    The Texas Department of Transportation has a page breaking down the various types of traffic accidents in the state through 2011 (the latest year for which data are available). You can explore crashes by region, weather condition, driver age, etc., and there is also a separate section dealing with driving under the influence (DUI) offenses.

Employment Law

  • Texas Workforce Commission: Especially for Texas Employers

    The Texas Workforce Commission is the state agency charged with overseeing and providing workforce development services to employers and job seekers of Texas. This page indexes and links to two of the Commission's publications, "Especially for Texas Employers" and "The A to Z of Personnel Policies." Of particular interest is the page on non-competition agreements.

Commercial Litigation

  • Texas State Government: Business Laws

    If you are currently involved in a commercial dispute, you may want to read up on the business laws of the state of Texas, as listed on this website. This page includes information on the Texas Business & Commercial Code, business organization codes, and regulations pertaining to employers.

Denial of Insurance

  • Texas Department of Insurance

    The Texas Department of Insurance offers a comprehensive web page on which you can research regulations pertaining to property insurance. There are also helpful links pertaining to weather and fire regulatory statutes, as well as a summary of the recent “War on Hail” symposium.


  • Texas Rules of Civil Procedure

    Have you ever wondered who determines the court proceedings?

    In Texas, the Rules of Civil Procedure govern the proceedings in civil trials set forth by the Texas Supreme Court.  A civil action can be classified into various stages that include: pleading stage, discovery stage, trial stage, and judgment stage.  If you are planning on filing a civil lawsuit in the state of Texas then you need to familiarize yourself with the Texas Rules of Civil Procedures