Jim Zadeh offers his expertise in a broad range of practice areas, including personal injury, commercial litigation, denial of insurance, sexual harassment, and non-compete agreements.

Injured on the JobInjured on the Job

In the state of Texas, it's possible to sue for a work-related injury if your employer does not subscribe to the Texas workers’ compensation system, or if your injury was caused by a third party. Attorney Jim Zadeh will review the details of your case and tell you what your options are!

Auto and Truck AccidentsAuto and Truck Accidents

Pedestrians, drivers and passengers in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area are all at risk for serious injuries in car accidents. If you or a loved one has been injured in a car crash, Texas attorney Jim Zadeh will help you sue for damages.

Employment LawEmployment Law

Employers and employees in Texas often disagree about non-compete agreements, with the result that one party winds up suing the other. Let Dallas–Ft. Worth attorney Jim Zadeh represent you in your non-compete litigation.

Commercial LitigationCommercial Litigation

Dallas/Ft. Worth lawyer Jim Zadeh has nearly three decades of experience pursuing commercial litigation on the behalf of small- to medium-sized businesses, as well as wronged contractors, customers, clients, and competitors.

Denial of InsuranceDenial of Insurance

Many insurance companies make it a practice to lowball or withhold payouts to business and home owners after floods, hurricanes and fires. Dallas–Fort Worth attorney Jim Zadeh will go toe-to-toe with your insurance company to obtain the settlement you deserve.