Every day, small- and medium-sized businesses in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area find themselves in need of experienced lawyers. Why? Commercial litigation is thriving in Texas, with contract disputes, shareholder lawsuits, and acrimonious fallouts among partners being the three most common problems.

Texas lawyer Jim Zadeh has almost three decades of experience representing both businesses and individuals in commercial litigation cases, and has an impressive track record of obtaining advantageous settlements for his clients.

Commercial Disputes: Stressful, Antagonistic, and Disruptive

Short of a divorce, few things create more antagonism and distress than commercial lawsuits, some pertinent examples of which include:

  • Suits brought by a company against a direct competitor, alleging copyright or patent infringement or unfair business practices (such as dumping merchandise at below-market prices, or libelously disparaging the quality of your products to a retail chain).
  • Suits brought by one partner against another. Common examples are when one partner wants to sell the business, but the other refuses to give his okay; or a partner feels that he wasn't given his fair share of the proceeds after a sale.
  • Suits brought by disgruntled customers. Nothing is more damaging to a company's reputation than a customer who claims it sells dangerous or fraudulent products. Even if the customer doesn't sue, it may be possible to sue that individual for his false allegations.
  • Suits brought by a contractor. Sometimes, a contractor employed by your company will claim that it was not paid the agreed amount for its work, or that you somehow cheated when drawing up the contract. It's also possible for a business to sue its own contractor for incomplete or shoddy work.

Let a Fort Worth Commercial Litigation Attorney Take the Reins So You Can Focus on Your Business

Whether you're a Dallas-area business in the process of suing a customer, competitor, or contractor, or a Dallas-area customer or contractor in the process of suing a company, Texas business litigation attorney Jim Zadeh is available to help with your case. Call Jim today at 817-335-5100 to find out what he can do for you!

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