If you have flood, fire, or hurricane insurance, you expect your insurer to pay in full for any damage your home or business sustains from bad weather. In an ideal world, that would happen—but, unfortunately, we live in a world where insurance companies have to pay attention to their own bottom lines when adjusting claims and paying out settlements. For this reason, it's a common practice for insurers in the Dallas–Fort Worth area to “lowball” their payments—that is, offering you $20,000 to repair the roof of your house when you know the job will really cost you $40,000.

What can you do if your insurer fails to make you whole after your property is damaged? Well, one ill-advised option would be to take what the company offers, then scratch up the funds yourself to cover the rest of your repairs. You can also try to contest the claim, resubmitting your paperwork and consenting to repeated visits from the insurance adjuster, but there's no guarantee that the outcome will be any better.

The best thing you can do, if your insurance company refuses to pay for the full extent of your property damage, is to enlist the aid of an experienced denial-of-insurance attorney in Texas. This way, your insurer will know that you are serious about being treated fairly, and your adjuster won't indulge in those sleight-of-hand tricks that magically make your $100,000 worth of flood damage seem like it's worth one-third that amount.

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