Most car accidents in the Dallas–Ft. Worth area are the result of driver error or negligence: a motorist stops short at a red light and is rear-ended by the vehicle behind him, a driver neglects to signal when changing lanes on the freeway and causes a ten-car pileup, etc. But it's not uncommon for car accidents to be precipitated not by other drivers, but by the local municipality or even the state of Texas—in which case it may be possible to sue those parties for damages.

For example, the state or municipality can be held accountable for an accident if:

  • The road or freeway was not adequately maintained (missing dividers, unrepaired potholes, etc.)
  • The road was insufficiently lit, and the authorities were well aware of this issue
  • A warning sign had been knocked down in a previous accident, and not replaced in a reasonable amount of time
  • A tree fell on the road after a storm, and there was ample time and opportunity for the authorities to remove it
  • An electronic speed limit was posted in error, and actual road conditions dictated a much lower limit

Because of tort reform, it can be very difficult to successfully sue the state of Texas or one of its municipalities—which is why you need an experienced lawyer by your side. If you have been injured in a car accident that can be traced to the negligence of the Texas authorities, contact Jim Zadeh today (888-713-5418) to find out what he can do for you!

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