As an adjunct law professor, I spend four class sessions (8 hours) on marketing. At the end of the semester, the required business plan for each student must include a marketing plan. I strongly suggest the marketing plan set out each marketing step and a deadline for each step. For example, the student may put that he/she will meet with three attorneys to discuss the student’s law practice, and this task will be accomplished by October 31, 2017.  I want the students to be precise.

So, do I have a written marketing plan with deadlines? Of course not. Am I special? No. Am I too busy? I tell myself I am, but I could find the time.

So, what is the issue? Why don’t I practice what I preach? I like to think it is because the practice is going well and we have a nice mix of cases with outstanding deserving clients. Since one could argue that because there is no fear, there is no motivation. But the real reason is that I simply have not made it a priority. I have not taken the time to sit down and put one together.

Over twenty years ago, a friend and I began meeting around New Year’s Day and went over our written goals for the next year. We held each other accountable. The following year we would look at whether we met our goals and what went right or wrong. We usually didn’t lose as much weight or made as much money to meet our goal, but occasionally we would by striving for the goal, we made real progress in our lives.

I know a marketing plan would be hugely beneficial. I know that if my firm created and executed a business plan, it would work.


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