The reason commercial litigation in Texas can be so intense is because the stakes are so high. If a major customer has not paid you, or if a client is alleging that you sell a defective product, or if one of your key partners wants to cash out and head to greener pastures, the survival of your business is at stake. That's why you need to hire an aggressive lawyer who is well versed in Texas commercial law—one who can protect you and the interests of your company.

What's at Stake if You're Involved in a Commercial Dispute?

In this economy, many small- to medium-sized businesses operate on very small profit margins, or are even enduring temporary losses as they wait for things to recover. A commercial dispute, if handled badly, can damage a business’s bottom line to the extent that it has no choice but to shutter its doors. For instance, you don't want to be on the losing side if:

  • One of your competitors has sued you for trademark infringement or unfair trade practices, and is seeking redress in court.
  • A partnership dispute has put the day-to-day survival of your business in jeopardy (say, an ex-partner is suing you for an exorbitant amount because he claims you cooked the books).
  • A customer alleges that you sold him a defective or dangerous product, and he threatens you with a class-action suit that can cost you millions of dollars.
  • One of your subcontractors has not lived up to the terms of its contract, and you have no way of recouping the money you've already spent.
  • You are being sued by the state of Texas for your business practices, and you need to present a convincing defense in the face of an intransigent government bureaucracy.
  • A key group of senior executives has decamped to form their own company, illegally helping themselves to your intellectual property and client base.

Let Jim Zadeh Represent You in Your Commercial Litigation Case

A commercial lawsuit should never be taken lightly: make one wrong move, and the business you invested your life in may never fully recover.

If you have no choice but to sue a competitor, customer, or contractor—or if you have been taken to court by one of these parties—contact Jim Zadeh at 888-713-5418 today to discuss your case. Jim has almost three decades of experience pursuing commercial litigation; his staff is also fluent in Spanish, and welcomes inquiries from non-English-speaking Texas residents.

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