This area of the law relates to serious or fatal injury of you or a loved one.  These injuries can result from:

  • car, truck, ATV, motorcycle, train, airplane accidents
  • accidents occurring where you work, do business or play (on the job injuries, amusement park, swimming pool, elevators, slip or trip and fall, injuries at home)
  • abuse and assault (bouncers, sexual abuse, sexual assault, rape, child abuse, spousal abuse, police misconduct, nursing home abuse)
  • defective or unsafe products (product recall)
  • toxic products (asbestos, silica, benzene)

In some instances, a case can be settled and monies provided to the injured person simply by finding the people or companies that caused the injuries and locating the proper insurance policies. In other cases, a lawsuit may need to be filed and ultimately a trial may be necessary.


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