How to Deal With Truck Accidents?

Truck accidents are increasing as the usage of the trucks has increased over time. Trucks are being used for new and different purposes. They are different in size and structure. Heavy and large trucks, if driven carelessly, can cause serious accidents. Following are some types of trucks that we see on the roads and are often involved in serious accidents:

  1. Pickups
  2. Delivery Trucks
  3. Moving Trucks
  4. Trucks and Trailers
  5. Construction Trucks

Types of Truck Accidents:

  • Stray or Wild Animal Accident
  • Roll Over Accident
  • Over Turned Truck Accident

Stray Animal Accident:

Stray dogs walking on sidewalk next to a busy street

Many accidents are caused by stray or wild animals and people attempting to avoid them or save them, resulting in an accident. These accidents sometimes result in serious injury or death.

Roll Over Accidents:

a delivery truck rolled on it's side

Roll-over accidents are sometimes caused by the malfunction of air brakes or the negligence or inattention of the driver. In many cases the victims in the accident are small vehicle drivers or pedestrians.

Over Turned Truck Accident:

An overturned truck that was involved in a accidentThe image shows an accident as a result of an overturned truck which typically results in some sort of injuries and damages.

Truck accidents can result in complex legal issues, including whether the truck was properly maintained, whether the truck driver maintained a driver’s log, whether the truck is owned and insured by a corporation or the driver themselves. These complicated legal issues typically require an attorney to sort through.

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