The Dallas–Fort Worth area is known for its severe weather—and home and business owners know how important it is to have reliable insurance. Whenever severe damage is caused by a sudden hailstorm, a hurricane, or a random wind gust that topples trees, policy holders expect their insurance companies to pay out their claims promptly, with a minimum of bureaucratic red tape. Unfortunately, that doesn't always happen!

The Texas Weather Can Wreak Havoc on Homes and Businesses

Just how vulnerable are homes and businesses in the Dallas–Fort Worth area to extreme weather events? Here are some pertinent examples:

  • A hailstorm can cause severe damage to the roof and windows of your home or business, and even leave dents in your car.
  • A severe storm can easily result in flooding, leaving you with three feet of water in your basement and thousands of dollars' worth of damage.
  • Strong winds can topple trees onto power lines or property, requiring you to not only fix the resulting damage, but take care of the fallen tree as well!
  • Any type of weather event can precipitate a serious fire (say, a wind gust knocks down a live power line), even if it's raining buckets at the time.
  • Even extreme, protracted heat (or cold) can damage your home; whether this is payable will depend on the details of your insurance policy.

Of course, not all insurance policies cover all types of weather-related damage. If you live in a low-lying area, your policy may insure you against fire and wind, but not flooding—and if your policy does cover your property, there may be contractual exceptions or specifications, and you'll probably be paying very high premiums.

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If you have suffered weather-related damage to your home and business that you believe is specifically covered by your insurance policy—and your insurer is unwilling to settle your claim—you need an experienced lawyer at your side. Contact Dallas–Fort Worth denial of insurance attorney Jim Zadeh today at 888-713-5418 to find out what he can do for you!

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