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A homeowner or auto insurance policy should cover your claim for hail damage. Sometimes insurance companies will say your insurance policy does not cover your claim. Many times insurance companies do not pay the full amount that you think you should be paid for your claim. Often the insurance company won’t even pay a claim supported by a reputable roofer or auto repair shop.

After a hail storm you may have questions:

  1. My car and house got damaged in a hail storm, what do I do now?

Answer: Make a claim with your insurance company as soon as possible.

  1. My claim was rejected without an investigation, how do I get it right?

Answer: Contact an attorney who will review your claim and advise you of your rights and options.

  1. I needed the money to replace the damaged property but my insurance company has provided me only for the repair?

Answer: Replacement value versus repair costs is often a tricky issue that will depend on the language in your insurance policy. If you feel the amount paid is incorrect or insufficient, contact an attorney to determine whether the insurance company is correct with respect to your claim.

  1. I have submitted a couple of estimates which estimate will the insurance company choose? The lowest?

Answer: Often the insurance company will do their own estimate and often it is significantly lower than your estimates. The insurance company will then offer to pay their estimate. We recommend that you immediately contact an attorney who can seek to recover the amounts in your estimates.

  1. Is the premium affected by the claim filed?

Answer: Homeowner rates can be raised after just one claim in Texas. If you have more than one claim then your rate may be increased.  

If you have a hail damage to your vehicle or residence, file a claim, get your own estimate and if the insurance company does not pay you the fair or appropriate amount or delays in making payment contact an attorney.

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