Do Not Destroy Evidence

Another tip in our series of videos talking about what not to do after you’ve been in an automobile accident.  This one seems kind of obvious, but you need to make sure that you don't go on social media and admit fault in your automobile accident.  More importantly, if you're injured, do not go on social media and broadcast your attempts to play sports or engage in activities that cause you pain.  For example, we had a client who was injured in an automobile accident, he was seriously injured, but he went out and tried to play golf.  He played one hole of golf, swinging the golf club only twice.  He took a picture and a video of himself swinging the golf club.  Guess what was exhibit A in that case?  Him swinging a golf club.  You must be conscious of the social media footprint that you put out there after you've been in an automobile accident.  More importantly if you do put something on social media and you think that the other side in the lawsuit knows about it, don't delete it, you must leave it out there.  We can deal with the consequences associated with it, but deleting it is destroying evidence, so don’t delete it. 

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