This is another topic in our series of videos about what not to do after you have been in an automobile accident.  In many cases after our clients are involved in an automobile accident, they will get set up with a physician for initial treatment.  The physician may then request our client to attend physical therapy.  Many times, the doctor will require the patient to complete physical therapy, which enables the doctor to make a determination of whether or not the patient will need surgery or whether or not the patient should get additional treatment.  Many of our clients find that participating in 20 or more sessions of physical therapy is an inconvenience.  We understand and know it's difficult to go to all those sessions, but going to every session gives your physician complete information on your condition so the best treatment plan can be set out for you.  Again, it is vital that you do not stop going to physical therapy because it may be inconvenient. If you must stop have a frank discussion with your doctor. The doctor may be able to achieve your recovery with an alternative plan.  Any indication of a delay or a gap in your treatment may give the insurance company a reason to reduce the value of your claim. So, complete your treatment, talk to your doctor, and if you can't complete your treatment set up an alternate plan of treatment.

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