This is a topic in our series of videos talking about what you do after you were involved in an automobile accident.  I want to talk about the folks that are my clients who I've seen get into accidents. We have handled hundreds of accident cases at this law firm, and I’ve seen our clients make mistakes at the time of the accident, so this serious talk about those mistakes.  The first mistake that people make is when they get out of the car.  Their first inclination is to be nice to the other person.  Everyone involved in the accident is most likely in a state of shock.  Many people apologize, even going so far as stating it was their fault.   Upon investigation of the facts surrounding the accident, we learn that it wasn't their fault; it is determined that it was the fault of the other driver, it may have been a condition of the road, or even a third party involved in the accident.  So, when you're in an accident, I know you're not thinking appropriately, most likely because you're in shock. First determine if the other person is okay. Do not admit to the other person or to the officer that it was your fault at the scene.  Fault will be determined after a full investigation is conducted.  If you or someone you know have been involved in an automobile accident and would like to know your rights, then call me today for your free consultation, so that we can discuss your rights.

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