This is another topic in our series of videos about what not to do after an automobile accident.  You may not remember this video immediately after the accident, but maybe just one or two of you will see this video and get something from what I am about to tell you. When you are in an accident your body goes into shock.  Often times your body is doing different things that it normally would do, and what happens in those situations is you may not realize how badly you are injured.  An example is when I was a kid and I was growing up, our school bus hit another van and our school bus driver went over to see if the van operator was okay, and he said that he was okay and that he just needed to get out of the van.  She looked down and his leg was completely broken and she could tell it was completely broken, and he was talking about going bowling that day.  It’s just that his body had shut down his pain by going in shock and putting adrenaline into his body.  If you have been involved in an accident you may be hurt worse than you think you are. You probably shouldn't say, “oh I'm not hurt”, but what you should say is, “I don't know if I'm hurt or not but I need to get checked out.”  If you're in an accident and especially a serious accident, don't tell people that you're not hurt, go ahead and get checked out before you make that statement.  If you have any questions regarding your rights after being involved in a car accident, call me today for your free consultation.

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