Police Report

After an accident, after everything has kind of settled down.  The police will do a report and will submit the report to a government agency.  We can get that report and so can you.  The report has all kind of key information on it.  It will have information regarding the other person, sometimes you don’t even know the person who hit you, but this will provide the information about them.  Information such as their address and insurance information.  Probably the most important thing for liability purposes or for determining who is at fault is the officer’s opinions.  The officer will give the opinion as to who he or she believes was at fault in the accident.  Sometimes it will show that both were at fault at the accident, and there will also be a little diagram. 

How to read a Police Report

In addition to the police report there is a crash code sheet that is available on the internet, and we have it, and it will take all the little codes that are in that police report and tell you what they mean.  If you need help interpreting a police report let us know we will walk you through it.

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