Why It Is a Mistake to Accept an Early Settlement

One of the things I want to talk about is why you should not take an early insurance settlement, and why you should wait to see what your medical injuries are.  I know you may need the money early; the five hundred or thousand dollars that they are offering, but in the end you may have much more damages than you think.  I will give you a personal example, about twenty years ago I was in downtown Fort Worth and I got hit on a T-bone accident.  My neck and my shoulder were sore, but I went ahead and took the five hundred dollars the insurance company was offering.  What I should have done is waited to see how my neck and shoulder were, and find out what additional medical expenses I needed. Then gone back to the insurance and let them know that I had more damages than I thought and I needed more money.  I should have remembered that I have up to two years to file a lawsuit and to make that claim, I wish I would have done that.   If you are tempted to take the money from the insurance company, then give us a call so that we can give you legal advice in your free consultation.

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