This video is for personal injury terminology.  As you come into our office and we represent you, we’re going to use a lot of terms that you may not be familiar with.  The idea of these videos is to help you get familiar with those terms so you can better understand them as we go through the process.  In order to have a good personal injury case in our office, you have to have three parts: Liability, Damages and Collectability. 


The first part is liability, what does liability mean?  Liability simply means who was at fault, who was it that caused the accident.  Sometimes there may be liability on both sides, and it’s a jury’s job to determine whether or not one side is more liable than the other.  Liability simply means whose fault is it. 


The second part is damages, and this term is specifically about your personal injuries as a result of the accident.  Third is collectability, and this term is vital to a personal injury case. 


Collectability refers to whether or not the liable party will be able to compensate the injured party for their damages.  If you have been injured in an accident, and you need help determining your liability, damages, and collectability then give us a call we can help you.

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