In dealing with your insurance company, you are not only entitled to your medical expenses both past and future, but your also entitled to lost wages. 

Lost Wages

Lost wages are times you were off work and what you would have made.  How do you go about doing that? First, you must prove that you were off work.  That is usually a simple letter from your manager or someone at your work saying that you were not there for that certain amount of time.  Second, is showing how much you made.  That is also simple, you can use check stubs or some sort of history of what you made to show your lost wages.  Sometimes we go ahead and request tax returns and those will prove if it’s a long period of time of how much you would have lost.  One of the things you shouldn’t forget about when dealing with the insurance company is that you are entitled to your time and money that you lost for being off work.  If you have been involved in an automobile accident and the insurance company is not wanting to pay for your lost wages, then give us a call and we will evaluate your claim and we could talk to the insurance company for you.

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