What is Disfigurement

One of the components of a personal injury case are the damages of disfigurement.  What is disfigurement?  Well, before the accident you looked one way, and after the accident someone looks at you and you appear different.  For example, if you have a broken leg and now you walk with a limp, then you are different.  If you have a scar on your face, then your different. 

Disfigurement Values

The values may be different.  A person who gets a scar on their stomach who is a sixty year old man and wears shirts all the time, the disfigurement value may not be as much.  However, if you are a little girl and you have your face disfigured and you have to go the rest of your life with this scar on your face, then this has more value in your damages for disfigurement.  These are things a jury will decide in a personal injury case.  If you or someone you know have been involved in a car or truck accident and as a result is now different, then call our office so that we can explain your rights to you on how you can collect on your damages.

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