So you had the accident, you have gone ahead and taken all the pictures out at the scene, talked to the police officers, and now you are at home and don’t know what to do next.  The first thing you should do is seek medical treatment, if you need medical treatment then you should receive treatment immediately.  If you have medical insurance use that insurance, because that’s what it’s for. 

Social Media

In today’s society everything is shared through social media.  I would be very careful what you say on social media.  If you say on social media that it was your fault, then it will be there for everybody to see.  We have discussed before it may not be fully your fault, because the case still needs to be fully investigated.   Be careful with the pictures and any videos you post to social media because it may send the wrong message.  For example, there are some cases where the other side of the case may have been drinking, and then they post pictures on social media of them drinking after the accident.  This is considered insensitive.  Does it prove that they were drinking at the time of the accident, no, but this is evidence that can be used against them.  This is what you need to think about when you are posting to social media after being involved in an accident.  Finally, if you feel that you need to go onto social media or you feel like you need to tell your story, then you should contact an experienced personal injury attorney.  The attorney can tell you what your rights are, what you should or shouldn’t say, so that you can be careful about doing things that could negatively affect your case.  hese are important things to know after you have been involved in a car or truck accident in relation to social media.

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