What is Future Medical Expenses

One of the components of a personal injury case is future medical expenses after an accident.  Future medical expenses are the medical expenses that you will incur after the trial is over or after the case is over.  By virtue of them being future they are uncertain.  This is necessarily an estimate because nobody can predict the future and know exactly.  Typically there will be a range from “X” thousands of dollars to “Y” thousands of dollars, that is not something that we do it’s something that a physician does.  A physician will go in and will possibly examine you, but will definitely go back and look at your previous medical records and your previous bills.  The physician can then determine how much medical treatment you will need in the future and how much that will cost.  That is what future medical expenses are.  If you need help determining whether you are going to need future medical treatment, then give us a call so that we can look over your case and explain your rights.

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