This is another topic in our series of videos addressing things you should not do after you have been in an automobile accident.  One of the things that we talked about is when your meeting with your doctor; and I'm not a doctor, but when you meet with your doctor, make sure that you tell your doctor all of your symptoms accurately.  We have situations where some of our clients are in quite a bit of pain, but they don't tell their doctor they’re in much pain, then by the time we get to the deposition in the case or we get to the trial in the case and they say that they been in a lot of pain.  The defense attorney and the insurance company will point to the medical records and say well you didn’t tell your doctor the amount of pain that you were in, and that’s just because they felt in that particular time that they wanted to gut through it and wanted to be strong about it.  Well in those particular cases you need to tell your doctor everything, tell the doctor exactly how much pain you are in; don't exaggerate how much pain you're in, but also don't underestimate how much pain you are in.  For example, we had a case and one of the little tidbits of information that our client told the doctor was that she was having some issues with her sight.  She had head injury and was having an issue with the sight, it was determined that she had traumatic brain injury that was affecting her eyesight.  That one little piece of information that she gave the doctor helped the doctor determine what was wrong with her, which helped us determine the value of the case from a legal point of view, and we were able to get her an excellent recovery.  Please tell your doctor exactly what her symptoms are and all your symptoms.  If you have been injured in an automobile accident; and would like to know your rights, then call us today for your free consultation.

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