Failure to Use Turn Signal

This is another topic in our series of safety videos talking about things that you should or shouldn't do while driving.  I want to share some things I've seen from some of the defendants we have sued in our cases, things that they did wrong while driving.  This topic is a very simple one, but it's one that causes a lot of accidents, and that’s failure to signal.  This simply means you fail to put on your turn signal when you're turning.  I see this a lot of times when people are turning onto a road that has several high-speed vehicles on it, they just don’t signal which lane that they're going into, and then they get into an accident.  They get hit and they say, “I never saw that person, and the person just came out of nowhere.”  But, the problem was that the person turning didn't put the signal on, so they didn’t even give a chance to the person “they didn’t see”.  so, although, sometimes it's a pain to use, or sometimes you must use it as a forced memory, or sometimes you don't think there's anybody around, the point is you must always put on your turn signal.  If you or someone you know have been injured in a car accident due to somebody not using their turn signal, then call me today so that we may discuss your rights in your free consultation.

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