Driving While Fatigued

This is a series of videos about what you should do to prevent yourself from getting in a car accident, and what I've seen some people do that cause them to get into a car accident.  This is more of a safety video, and it's also a way to show you what might have happened as to why you were hit. The first issue is fatigue, recently we had a case against a young lady and in the deposition that we took she honorable admitted that she is working two jobs and she was on her way home.  As she pulled into the service lane of the highway she simply nodded off and hit our client from behind.  Make sure that if your fatigued get a nap, get something to make it so that you can be attentive and be fully aware while you drive.  If you have been involved in a car accident with somebody who fell asleep while driving, then call me today so that we can discuss your rights in your free consultation.

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