Drinking Hot Beverages

This is another topic in our series of videos speaking about things that our clients should not do when they're driving, and things that I have seen over the years that other people have been doing when they're driving that cause accidents.  I want to talk about eating and drinking, particularly what we've seen is drinking hot types of drinks such as coffee.  What tends to happen is you will be driving and you take a sip from your coffee, and you may hit a pothole which causes the coffee to spill.  The spilling of the coffee may cause you to get burned a little bit and that pain will cause you to be distracted from driving. There is a case that we were not involved in, but a case that I recently heard about where a truck driver spilled coffee on himself and it resulted in an accident that killed 12 people.  You have to be very careful when you're driving with hot liquids or eating, and I recommend that you just don't do it.  Instead you should wait till you get to where you are going so that you can enjoy your beverage and not put yourself at risk of an accident.  If you or someone you know have been injured in a car accident because the person at fault was distracted while driving because of a hot beverage, then call me today so that I can discuss your rights in a free consultation.

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