The Law Office of Jim Zadeh have represented victims of sexual harassment for over 15 years, and we have seen many common issues.  One of the issues we have seen is when the victim of sexual harassment comes forward and makes a complaint by following the company's policies and procedures, and then immediately after filing the complaint or shortly thereafter they are fired.  I want you to know that’s against the law, and that is called retaliation.  We have represented many people who have followed through with their complaint and then they were subsequently fired.  I know from experience that juries react better to a retaliation claim than any other employment complaint.  I believe it’s really easy for a jury to understand that a victim filed their complaint with their employer because they objectively believe they were sexually harassed, and their employer decided not to solve the problem.  Instead the company blames the victim by firing him or her.  Juries understand this is not the victim’s fault and they punish companies for doing this.  If you feel like you have been fired from your job for filing a sexual harassment claim, then you need to contact counsel immediately.  One of the issues the courts look at is how close in time you were terminated, they want to know exactly how long it took for the employer to fire you.  We had a case where a victim of sexual harassment was fired the next day after filing the complaint, and that's pretty obvious, but there are cases where it happened three or four months down the road.  Companies think they can get away with this behavior by finding the right time to fire the victim, but regardless of their strategy, this is still considered retaliation.  If you are a victim of sexual harassment in the work place and you have been fired for filing your complaint, then call me today so that we can discuss your rights.  We offer a free and confidential consultation, but if you don’t call me please find counsel to help you get through this.

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