The Law Office of Jim Zadeh has represented victims of sexual harassment for over 15 years, and one of the topics that I feel strongly about is sexual harassment, sexual grooming, and sexual abuse against children.  I was a coach for 15 years, I was a big brother in the Big Brothers and Big Sisters Organization for 8 years. I am the oldest of three boys. I feel like a person who takes advantage of their authority over children is probably one of the worst crimes that we have in our society.  These individuals take advantage of their situation by sexually abusing children in: athletics, churches, and there are also parents taking advantage of other parent’s kids.  We represent victims of sexual harassment with passion and with zeal, because we want to make sure that this doesn't happen again.  We particularly want to make sure that this person or group of people who were involved in the sexual harassment get found out to the public for what they did and who they are so that it never happens again.  If you're a parent and you have a child who you suspect has been sexually abused, then please seek counsel, not only so that you may get compensation for the horrific damages that were done to your family, but also, in my opinion the most important part, to stop the person, group, or institution that has either intentionally allowed this to occur or just negligently allowed this to occur by making them create policies and procedures that will prevent this from happening again.  I feel very strongly about this topic, so if you are a parent and need counsel, then call my office today for your free confidential consultation so that we can discuss your child’s rights.

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