There was a situation with my house, not only my house but other peoples houses also.  The builder had put imperfections in the floor that resulted in the flooring breaking which ultimately I ended up cutting myself with.  Jim from the beginning listened to what I had to say, and he did not say what most attorneys would have said.  He didn't say you have to do this and you need to do that.  He pondered the situation and came up with a solution.  I'm very fortunate to have known Jim for the past six years, and during that time he has done everything from the litigation on my house to my will and everything in between.  Jim has always been upfront, honest, and a caring person.  He knows the law backwards and forwards and he reference it a lot, and I think with that aspect he would be a great choice for anyone and I mean anyone who needs a great attorney.
Jim M. Zadeh
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