Takata Airbag

One of the unique issues in the State of Texas for personal injury litigation, that has just recently happened, is a situation involving defective air bags.  Specifically, the Takata defective airbag.  Takata is a manufacturer of airbags that are in all sorts of vehicles, and when those vehicles get in an accident, the airbags deploy and when they deploy they often shoot metal out into the person.  Doctors can determine whether or not you have pieces of metal from the airbags in you.  We can go ahead and determine whether or not the airbag was defective by looking at the vehicle and looking at the types of injuries you had. 

Airbag Recall

One of the things you can do now before you get in the accident is go online and see if your airbags are manufactured by Takata by looking at the recalled vehicles.  If you have a vehicle that has been recalled and has a Takata airbag, then get those replaced immediately, so that if you are in an accident you are not injured.  We have gone ahead on our website, on our free info tab put a link to the government website that will tell you which vehicles have been recalled.  However, those are updated all the time.  I believe it’s up to almost twelve million vehicles that now have been recalled at the time of the shooting of this video, but by the time you see this it will probably be substantially more, so we recommend you go ahead on a monthly basis check the government website and we will also update it on our site.  Go to the free info tab on our website to see if your vehicle has a defective Takata airbag.

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