18 Wheeler Driver Issues

Another topic in our series of videos dealing with complex legal issues involving big 18-wheeler trucking accidents, is the issue of when the driver is listed on the police report as the owner of the vehicle.  In this situation, it’s uncertain whether that driver has insurance or whether or not that driver is associated with a big company or a small company.   It takes some specialized research and in some instances you may have to file a lawsuit to determine that information.  Once you’ve received that information you can determine who has the ultimate responsibility to pay for that accident and pay for your damages.  This is just another example in the many complex legal issues involving an 18-wheeler/tractor truck accident.  If you have been involved in an accident with an 18-wheeler/tractor truck, and are needing help determining who has the ultimate responsibility to pay for your damages, then call me today, so that we can discuss your rights in your free consultation.

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