Why Pickup Trucks Cause So Much Damage

This is a series of videos about different types of truck accidents.  When you hear about truck accidents a lot of times you think about 18 wheelers, and we’ll talk about those, but there are several different types of trucks and they cause all different kinds of issues.  The first kind of truck that we talk about is a pickup truck, and most people don’t think of a pickup truck than anything different than a car, but there are a lot of issues with respect to a pickup truck.  There are issues with respect to the weight and the speed that the truck can go, and the impact that it hits vehicles, also we have had a case in which there was a pickup truck that had a defect, where the back of the seat broke and there was a defect there.  Pickup trucks are part of truck accidents and they have unique issues related to them, and we handle those types of cases.  If you have been involved in a truck accident and are wanting to know your rights, then call my office today for your free consultation. 

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