The Law Office of Jim Zadeh has represented clients for bodily injury claims for over 15 years.  One of the questions that is often asked by our client’s is what is the meaning of PIP, and how can we use it?  PIP is a part of the insurance policy that is called Personal Injury Protection.  This part of your policy covers a no-fault payment for medical expenses and or lost wages.  For example, if you’re a passenger of a vehicle and the driver has PIP, meaning that driver has elected to have $5000 of Personal Injury Protection.  In theory, what you should be able to do is submit your medical expenses and your lost wage information to that insurance company, and they should pay you with no questions asked.  I say in theory because often times insurance companies will drag their feet or will give reasons as to why they want to delay those payments.  PIP should be able to go against the driver's insurance policy and you should be able to get that money quickly.  We help our clients collect on PIP at no charge, meaning we will not take any attorney fees for that service because it’s a no-fault claim and it’s just a matter of filling out the paperwork to get you that money.

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