Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families from the recent mass shootings.  We feel uncomfortable talking about the law associated with these mass shootings without acknowledging the lost that everybody has gone through.  I know that many of the victims and the victims’ families have no desire to pursue a civil claim, and I want to go on the record and say that’s fine. I know people have their own way of dealing with grief and their own way of dealing with these tragedies.  The only purpose of this video is to inform people that there are potential civil claims that can be filed either by the surviving victims or the surviving family members of the victim.  As a result of any injury incurred, you may be facing substantial doctor and hospital bills, loss of wages, and therapy bills. By filing a civil lawsuit you may be able to recover damages so you can focus on healing and recovering.  Currently there are claims being filed against Mandalay Bay for the tragic shooting that occurred in Las Vegas for allowing a shooter to get 32 guns up to his hotel room.  If you are a victim of a mass shooting or the family of a victim, then I would recommend that you talk to an attorney at some point, so that you can receive legal advice as to what your rights are.

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