Prepare Before An Accident

The odds are that once in your life time you will be involved in a car accident.  What do you do, how do you handle it, and how do you prepare?  First way to prepare is to get a picture of yourself, you should have those on your phone or somewhere else, just a picture of what you look like before the accident.  Second, is to get pictures of your vehicle.  When you get a new car or if you wash your car one day and think about it, go ahead and take pictures all around your vehicle so you will have that so you can show what it looked like before the accident occurred.  Third, have some emergency equipment on hand and keep it in your car.  A basic kit should be kept in the trunk of your car and should consist of: first aid kit, triangles, and a flashlight.  Make sure that you know what your insurance policy covers, by way of example, there’s a type of coverage in Texas called underinsured/uninsured motorist coverage.  This coverage allows you to get a recovery in case the person that hit you has no insurance.  There are other little nuances in your insurance policy that you need to know and you need to go over with your agent.  Finally, make a checklist of things that you need if you have an accident and you keep that in your glove compartment.  We have prepared a checklist to help you be better prepared.

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