Things to Remember After An Accident

I would like to talk to you now about what to do immediately after an accident.  First of all, if you are in an accident you don’t expect it, and when it happens you are going to be in shock.  The first thing that you want to do is make sure that you are okay.  Check yourself in your mind and make sure that you are okay, also make sure that the person in the other vehicle is okay.  But after that what do you do?  Well the first thing is you do not leave the scene of the accident.  If you leave the scene of the accident the police can say it was a hit and run, the police can assume it was your fault and that is why you didn’t want to stay.  The only time you should leave the scene of the accident is if you fear for your safety.  If you feel that you are in a location where it is dangerous and you believe you are going to be harmed further.  In that case drive to the nearest location where you feel safe and call 911.  Always make sure you call 911 so that they can come out to the scene.  The police will come out and determine whether or not there is a report that is needed, and if there is a report that is needed they will go ahead and do one.  Make sure you stay there with the police, and when they ask you for the information for the report, be sure to provide all the information that they need. 

What To Do If You Don't Get A Police Report

However, if there is no report because you messed up and didn’t call the police to come out to the scene, or the police determined there is no police report needed, then you can still file a Driver’s Crash Report in Austin, Texas.  Those are the things you should do immediately after an accident.

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