Now that you have been in the accident, and you have gone ahead and done everything you needed to do before the police arrive.  What do you do when the police get there?  First off you should cooperate with the police by working with them.  You tell them what you believe happened, but never say that it was your fault. 

Why You Don't Want To Admit Fault

Often times I have had cases where people think it may be their fault.  However, when they go back and look at the video footage and see the actions of the other driver, we determine that it was actually not their fault or not fully their fault.  So don’t admit to the police officer that it was your fault or that you are sorry because you caused the accident. 

Important Things To Remember After Talking To Police

Write down the badge numbers, phone numbers, and names of the police officers, because down the road we are going to want to bring those police officers in and talk to them so that they can tell us what they saw happened.  Ask the officer if anybody is getting a citation and if anybody is found at fault.  Often times there are some minor citations like no driver’s license or no insurance, but sometimes there are some major citations such as failing to yield or speeding and this is very important information to know.  Finally, if there is a report number, make sure to request that number so that we can get that information for you.

If you have been involved in a car or truck accident, and would like to know your rights when talking to the police, then give us a call so that we can explain to you your rights.

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