The Facts You Collect After An Accident

This video is about what you should do after the accident occurred, after you checked on yourself and made sure that you were okay, but before the police arrive.  Sometimes there are good Samaritans that will come up to help you and tell you that they saw the accident.  In that case write down their name, telephone number, and email address.  Any information you can get so that you have that information for the future. 

The Best Thing To Use After An Accident

Most of us have a cell phone that has a camera on it.  Go ahead and take as many pictures as you can.  Take pictures of your vehicle, take a picture of the other person’s driver’s license, the other person’s license plate, and also take a picture of the other person’s insurance card.  Finally, look at the damages to your vehicle and take pictures of that.  Take pictures all around the scene, all around your car, any debris that is involved in the accident, and any skid marks left behind.  These picture are all critical as we get to the end to try and resolve this case.  I have had many cases where one or two pictures make a difference in the case.  So go ahead and take those pictures before the police arrive.

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