Employers are required in the state of Texas and throughout the country to file payroll taxes, it’s under section 941 of the IRS code, you might have heard of 941 taxes.  Some employers may hold those monies back for themselves instead of paying the IRS.  If you make a work injury claim and it brings attention to that company, and the IRS determines that they are not paying their 941, then not only is the company responsible for those taxes, but all the officers and the directors of the company are personally responsible for those taxes.  That is why they do not want to bring attention to their company and stay under the radar.  Even if that happens, you still have a right against that company to go forward for an on the job injury claim, and you should seek the input of an attorney.  If you have been injured on the job, and your employer is not wanting you to make claim, then call today for your free consultation so that we may discuss your rights.

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