Don't Lie About Your Injuries

Another video in our reasons why an employer may not want you to bring a claim for an on the job injury, and this one is trick used by the employer.  Often times an employer is negligent for the reasons why you get hurt on the job.  What they try and do is undermine your credibility.  They try and make you look like a liar, and sometimes an employer will tell you, “don’t tell them you got hurt on the job, but tell them you were hurt in a car accident, or tell them that you slipped and fell when you were at home.”  If you do that, then your credibility is ruined and you can’t go forward and bring a claim.  If an employer tells you not to tell the truth with respect to your on the job injury, don’t listen to them.  Also, that should be a red flag that you need an attorney to look at your case to see if your case has value.  Call us today, so that we can discuss your rights.

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