Third Party Claim

This is another in our series of videos of how an employer may try to avoid taking responsibility for an on the job injury.  In this example, an employer might say that your injuries were not caused because of the negligence or responsibility of the employer, but they were caused by the negligence or responsibility of a third party.  An example is a case where an employee that we represented was on the lift of a truck, and as the lift came up, the lift malfunctioned which caused the individual’s foot to get trapped underneath the part of the truck and it crushed the foot.  The employer said, “we are not responsible, it’s the manufacturer of that truck who is responsible.”  In that case, the employer paid some monies, but the manufacturer paid some as well.  If you’re in a situation where they tell you that it’s somebody else besides the employer who caused the injury, you still may have a claim against both your employer and that third party, and you should get legal counsel as soon as possible.  If you have been injured on the job and you would like to know your rights, then call me today so that we may discuss your injury.

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