I took the videotaped deposition of an insurance company doctor who downplayed our client’s car wreck injuries. We took the doctor’s testimony in a small conference room in his offices and the air conditioning was broken in just that room. The insurance company lawyer asked questions first and by the time it was my turn to ask questions, everyone in the room was sweating, including the doctor. I was able to get the doctor to admit our client’s injuries were caused by the accident. My final set of questions got into the financial arrangements for the doctor. The doctor said he had only been paid $250 to write the report in this case but then admitted that he was being paid $900 per hour for the deposition ( with a two hour minimum). He then admitted that if he travelled to give testimony that he charges $900 per hour with a 10 hour minimum plus first class flight arrangements. So, I now have videotaped testimony of a doctor sweating when being asked about his exorbitant pay.

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