This week's entry is about a success story.

Several years ago, I was hired by a man who was injured in an accident. The injuries caused a downward spiral and he suffered physically, emotionally and financially. But he had a positive attitude and told me that he had collected precious metals since he was a kid and wanted to open his own store. He persevered through the case and the insurance company paid a decent settlement for his pain and suffering.

I just spoke with him again this week. He used the insurance settlement as seed money for his first store. He now owns three successful gold and silver stores. Also, a couple of years ago, his son won a reality television show. Our client helped his son find post-show appearances and endorsement opportunities. He was successful and now represents over 30 reality television personalities, including one who is currently on the reality show Big Brother. He told me that the Big Brother contestant often sneaks in a "shout out" to him during the shows. Last night I was watching Big Brother and heard one of the shout outs, which made me smile. 

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