This week’s war story is about mediation in Fort Worth. Mediation is a non-binding confidential process in which an agreed upon independent mediator attempts to settle the parties’ dispute. The typical mediation process involves both sides going to the mediator’s office, each side getting their own room and the mediator going between the rooms trying to settle the dispute. Fort Worth has several excellent mediators and my story focuses on two, Wade McMullen and Beth Krugler. Beth and Wade each have over twenty years’ experience with Wade settling over 7,000 cases and Beth settling more than 4,000 cases. Two weeks ago Beth did a great job in helping my client and I settled an on the job injury case. This week Wade mediated a serious car accident case for me and, like Beth, did an excellent job on a difficult case. Both Beth and Wade went above and beyond just carrying demands and offers between the rooms. They both went the extra mile to try and get a fair resolution. Some call it the Fort Worth way. I just appreciate having such quality people in Fort Worth who genuinely care about everyone who comes through their doors. … As an aside, Beth and Wade have a friendly rivalry. Wade doesn’t know it (although he does now if he reads this) but every time I mediate in Wade’s office, I try to leave one of Beth’s promotional pens behind in the room.

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