Texting is Illegal in the State of Texas

A new law went into effect in Texas that prohibits people from using social media or texting and driving.  Prior to today I had several cases where the bad person or the driver who caused the accident was texting and driving and there was no law that Prevented it.  Those people were still negligent, but now I have a law, and under the law now they’re negligent per se.  This means they violate the statute and which is much easier to prove.  This is just as a reminder that the new law went into effect.  Don't text and drive, and don't check your social media and drive.  Try and keep your hands off your phone while you drive and be safe.  If you or someone you know have been involved in a car accident because the person at fault was texting and driving then call me today, so that we may discuss your rights in your free consultation. 

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