Discrimination Based on Sex

One of the exceptions of the employment at will doctrine is discrimination based on sex.  Sexual discrimination includes discrimination based on gender which we have covered in another video, and discrimination based on sexual harassment.  There are two types of sexual harassment.  There is quid pro quo, which means this for that, which means typically a manager will ask a subordinate for sexual favors in return for a promotion.  That is quid pro quo sexual harassment.  The other kind of sexual harassment is hostile work environment.  This is when there are images in the workplace that are sexually harassing, there are comments that are made, or there is physical touching in the workplace.  That is sexual harassment and hostile work environment, those are the two types of sexual harassment in Texas.  If you believe you are being discriminated against because of your sex, due to sexual harassment or hostile work environment, then please contact my office today for your free consultation. 

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