Read Company Policy

If you are at the Workplace and you feel like you've been sexually harassed either verbally or physically, the first thing I always recommend is go look at the company policy, if it appears that what that individual did is a violation of the company policy.  Even if it's really small or minor, we recommend that you go through the procedure and you report it.  when you report it, you may never know whether that person may have other previous complaints, and now this is another complaint, and it maybe just enough for the company to say, okay we need to get rid of this individual.  It has been happening recently in the news where people have had outcries from several different people, and the sheer weight of the evidence is enough for the harasser to confess that they did what everybody said they did.  You who have been harassed may not be the first victim of harassment, and you should go through and follow policies and procedures of the company.  If you are a victim of sexual harassment at the work place, then call me today for your free consultation.

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